Dorothy Auten and Barbour Duke West, II

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Engagement Info

October 20, 2011

Wedding Info

October 20, 2012
Highlands Falls Country Club
Highlands, NC

Ocala, FL


Business Analyst at Ocala Magazine


Ocala, FL


Lieutenant JG US Navy


Dorothy's Parents

Ms. Brenda Auten

Barbour Duke's Parents

Dr. and Mrs. Barbour Duke West

Our best date

Our best date was right here at home. We went to Publix, packed the cart with lunch items, drove to Shalom park and had a picnic in the gardens. We sat under a large oak tree in the Florida sunshine and talked until the park closed.

Our worst date

We have yet to really have a bad date. We got stuck in the rain once while up in Rhode Island. We were trying to figure out where to have dinner in the sea side town and could not make up our minds. It started to pour and we got stuck under the awnings. We ended up selecting an Irish Pub that was awesome and had a wonderful time.

Here's how we got engaged

Duke planned a vacation to California and popped the question during a hike in Muir Woods. It was beautiful. The sun was peeking through the giant redwood trees, it was about 70 degrees and the sounds of birds and small streams filled the air. He waited until we reached a location where no one else was around and presented me with my grandmother's ring. It was perfect.

Where our likes overlap ...

We are nerds. We love science, history, classical music, astronomy, nature, travel, museums, and BOOKS! We both know that it is important to continue learning no matter how old you are and what makes it even better is that we can do it together.

... and where they don't.

I love horror movies and Duke well...not so much. He loves to play golf and it's just not my thing but I'd be willing to try some lessons to see what happens.

Who's the better cook - and why?

Duke makes an awesome home made french onion soup and can make many other dishes as well. I can make a great roast or stuffed chicken and I love to cook fish. We both love to cook together and we both have our own specialties.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We love Highlands. It is where Duke spent many summers when he attended Furman and fall is our favorite time of year.