Katelin File and Neal Clay

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Engagement Info

October 13, 2011

Wedding Info

October 13, 2012
The Saratoga Springs
Mount Pleasant, North Carolina

Rockwell, NC




Concord, NC


UPS, Statesville


Katelin's Parents

Johnnie and Renae File

Neal's Parents

Dean and Debrah Clay

Here's how we met

Neal and I met on a blind date through a mutual friend I worked with at the time. I had always said blind dates were a joke - I mean who would put themself through the awkward situation of going to meet a person, and that person potentially being a total weirdo! You must be some kind of desperate, I thought!!! On April 27, 2010, I went with Heather to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet up with Tony and Neal. Neal showed up almost 30 minutes late, and I thought- "See, blind dating is a HORRIBLE idea, this guy can't even show up on time!!!!"

The moment Neal walked in the restaurant, I knew he was the man I was going to marry! I was so scared to look at him and keep eye contact, because I knew if I did, I would fall head over heels for him. The whole night I would look at him and as soon as he would look at me I would turn away. It was so obvious that I was trying NOT to stare!!!

After we left Buffalo Wild Wings, he gave me this awkward side hug and said "Well, I'm pretty sure Heather gave me your number, so I'll call you sometime!" I remember thinking, "WOW Katelin, you just blew that-BIG TIME!!!!"

The next morning I went to work at 6am, and I text him told him I hope his morning at work was going well, to which he responded. I then sent him another text telling him thanks again and that I had had a great time last night and that I hope we could do it again-to which I got NO RESPONSE!!!! I was like OH MY COW!!!! How embarrassing, this guys HATES ME!!!!

Later that day, around 5, he calls me explaining he thought he had responded to my text, and had just realized that it didn't send!!! He asked me if I had any plans, and we went on our first official day that Friday - he took me to dinner, only to make my dad pay ;) and then to see Nightmare on Elm Street - I HATE scary movies!!!!

From that day on, we were inseparable!!!! He would come see me at work with lunch, or leave me surprise flowers and cards in my car for when I would get off work. And every Saturday, I would get a silly card from his last pick up at the UPS store!!!

Our worst date

Our worst date was by far, our first New Years! We went to The Melting Pot in Charlotte, and they had screwed up our reservations. It was 9:30 and we had to end up getting another reservation for 11:30. We had to sit around and wait for our table, and then by the time we got our appetizer, it was time to watch the ball drop! Everyone was gathered into the bar area to watch the ball drop, but there was a problem-Neal had gone to the bathroom and was no where to be found. At one second until midnight, he comes walking out of the bathroom to find he is going to have to get through all of the people standing in the bar to get to me. On top of that, I began getting extremely sick feeling with a sinus headache. I kept sneezing and my eyes were watering. By the time dessert came, it was 3:00 am and I just told the man to put it in a to go box and bring us our ticket!!!

Here's how we got engaged

Neal was off of work the week of October 16, so my dad, me and him went to the Outerbanks for some fishing!!! There is nothing more relaxing than Beaufort, NC!!!

We came back on Thursday, and Neal and I spent the whole day doing a whole lot of nothing on Friday!!!

We were on our way to lunch at Union Street Bistro, and were talking, and I jokingly said, "When are you going to marry me?" to which he replied "October 13!!!!" I told him, "Well, you have to ask me first!!!" and he asked "When do you want me to ask you?" and I jokingly said, "Take me on a nice date and ask me tonight!" "Ok," he said, "I pinky promise!" So we pinky promised and joked about it over lunch! Afterwards, we went in a few shops downtown, and then went back to his house. He decided to mow the grass, and suggested I go home and get ready, and we could go out on a date for supper! I never thought about that comment he made earlier!

When I got back to his house, we decided to go to Stag and Doe for dinner. He was so antsy, and acting so funny!!! We ate supper, and went back to his house. When we pulled in, I asked, "I thought you wanted to go for a walk down Union Street or get some dessert?!? It's only 8 o'clock!!!" "Yea," he said, "I could do some dessert!!! Wanna go to the Bistro and get some cheesecake or something?!?!?" So, back to the Bistro we went for some Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and 2 glasses of milk.

After stuffing our faces, we went for a walk down Union Street - in the FREEZING COLD!!!! It was very nice and romantic. It was so quiet, and there was no one out there except us, but Neal kept looking around like he was looking for someone or something!

After we finally got back to the car, we got in and drove a block down the road. He began to pull over on the side of the road. There were no parallel parking spots, just a church. He bagan pulling over and getting out, and I exclaimed, "NEAL!!! What are you doing?!?!?" to which I received NO reply!!! He got out of the car and came around and opend my door. He stooped down in front of me and began to tell me that he loved me so much, and that he had been waiting a week to do this, but the time just never was right. He said that he loved me and couldn't wait any longer, and pulled a box out of his pocket and said "Will you marry me?" to which my response was, "Are you being serious?!?!" "YES," he said, "Will you marry me?" to which I excitedly replied, "YES!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!"

Where our likes overlap ...

Neal and I are honestly complete opposites!!! He is quiet and calm. He NEVER gets mad, and is a total "go with the flow, don't rock the boat" kind of guy-except when it comes to road rage!!! I could not be more different, BUT I think that is what makes us work the best! He has taught me how to be patient about things that there is no reason to be mad over.