A Wedding in Full Bloom

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You’ve dreamed of a wedding day filled with garden delight for as long as you can remember. From a greenery-filled ceremony to flower-inspired cocktails, your vision can certainly come to life with these following ideas.

1. Begin with botanical messages

Spread garden-inspired messages to your guests from the get-go. “We love the idea of the invite doubling as a seed packet that guests can use to plant a flower or something important to the couple prior to the wedding,” says Sarah Sebastian, creative director of Rose Gold Collective in Miami, Fla.

For invitations, try adding a dried flower that matches your flower scheme to an empty space on your invites, suggests Sutisa Spellman, wedding planner at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, Calif. “This eliminates the need to spend extra money on fancy invites because the dried flower will be your invite decor,” she says.
For an even simpler solution, include a floral or botanical pattern into the wedding invite envelope liner. “This adds great inspiration yet allows your invitation to still be classic in style,” says Kelli Corn, owner of Kelli Corn Weddings and Events in South Carolina.

2. Let flower crowns flourish

Incorporating flower crowns throughout your wedding day is a sure way to get garden happy. Mariana Leung, bridal designer at Weng Meng Design Studio in New York, N.Y., says they can be used as a casual wreath to decorate aisle chairs, tables or even napkin rings.
For fashion, bridesmaids can wear a flower crown that matches the bride’s bouquet. “They can be truly upscale, like silk flowers, pearls and jewels, or more low key using fresh flowers,” Leung says.

Your guests can get involved too. “As an activity, a floral ‘market’ or flower stand can be set up for your guests to make their own crowns or smaller flower cuffs that use less flowers to save on costs,” notes Leung.

3. Plant a symbol of your unity

Scratch the unity candle and put a potting ritual in its place. Emore Campbell, wedding experience curator in Charlotte, N.C., says during your ceremony, join in with your fiancé to create a unity plant. “The bride and groom mix the soil, water, plant/seeds in front of their entire family and friends,” Campbell says. Just be sure to have a plan of action for keeping your attire clean.

4. Spread the herbs

Cocktails are a great way to incorporate all things garden. Corn suggests placing florals or fresh herbs in ice cubes for visual appeal inside citrus and berry-themed cocktails. Or, you can create specialty cocktails with herbs, such as mint mojitos, strawberry basil lemonade, Kachumber cooler or even green juice cocktails, says Emore.

To really impress guests, Newtown recommends serving an “eternal martini.” “It fits in with the garden theme because of its peppermint leaf and springtime color of a semi-sweet, opaque lavender,” she says. The drink is made with vodka, St. Germain, Grand Marnier, lime juice, and white cranberry juice, and is garnished with a peppermint leaf.

Take it a step further by entertaining guests during cocktail hour with herb tasting and smelling stations, notes Emore.

5. Bring the outside in

If having your reception in a garden isn’t possible, Sebastian suggests turning your venue into one. In addition to going heavy on flowers and greenery for your table décor, she suggests renting grassy green lounge furniture to set the tone of an alfresco reception. “Add a touch of rustic with stacked boxes and lots of flowers,” Sebastian notes. Corn also recommends bringing in a tree swing or daybed swing as part of a lounge group next to the bar or dance floor.

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