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Nothing is a longer lasting symbol of your “I dos” than the wedding rings you wear to symbolize your love, so don’t forget to put some effort into the daily reminder of your commitment.

To start, choose the type of metal you’ll be comfortable wearing every day.

Eric Robertson, marketing director of Seattle-based Green Lake Jewelry Works, says that white metals like platinum, palladium and white gold are the most popular metals. Robertson says rose gold (gold alloyed with copper) is increasingly popular with women. And for men, titanium and tungsten carbide are other options. Sally Ashby, sales manager at Carreras Jewelers in Richmond, Virginia, notes that tungsten carbide is popular with younger men. “It’s durable and not as expensive.” Gold bands can range from $500 to $1000, depending on the style, while tungsten carbide can cost $175 to $300.

Size matters when it comes to wedding bands. Women typically find bands that are comfortable and incorporate with their engagement ring, but men are a different story. Since most guys don’t normally wear rings, they need to try one on so they can see how it fits on their hand. Typically, men end up with a band that’s anywhere from four to eight millimeters wide. “We sell most in the five millimeter range,” Ashby says. “Each client is different. It just depends on [what they like].”

Couples also can go the custom-designed route, but if you do that, it’s important to “agree on what aesthetic you’re into,” Robertson says. Custom-designed rings can be unique but expensive, with men’s rings starting around $1,000 and women’s rings around $2,000.

While everyone will see the bling you’re flashing, you also can incorporate details on the inside of your ring to make them even more special to you and your groom. Engrave a note to each other on the inside of the band, or have a gemstone mounted inside that only the two of you will know about. You can even scan your fingerprints and put them onto each other’s ring, Robertson says.

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